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NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates

Our NSF REU Summer Program aims to prepare students with skills and techniques to decarbonize our society. We will work with students to develop "engineering toolbox" to create sustainable materials from undesired waste carbon feedstocks for the construction and chemical sectors. These sectors are major users of non-renewable carbon feedstocks and major contributors to overall climate change, negatively affecting our health, food chain, and environment. To mitigate the adverse effects of climate change, we need to implement solutions to achieve net zero carbon dioxide (CO2emissions and a sustainable society. In this program, we will work with students to innovate chemical processes and products from waste biomass, plastics, and carbon dioxide. The outcomes from our projects will be an initial step toward CO2 emission reduction and the production of sustainable materials for construction and chemical industries.

In addition to research projects, our program involves field trips (local businesses), industrial speakers, and career-related workshops (e.g., life after death - oh....we meant "college" 😊, and applications for graduate schools).

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We like to think of our program as Hogwarts. We train students the hocus pocus to crate values from waste materials.

Join us at the University of Louisville -  Sustainable Materials for Construction and Ch
emical sectors.

To apply, please use the NSF-ETAP link here: 



  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident,

  • GPA 3.0+

  • Major in science, technology, and engineering, &

  • Enrolled undergraduate students nationwide (Kentucky and West Virginia students are encouraged to apply)

Program Information

  • Program Date: May 20 – Jul 26, 2024

  • Application deadline: February 15, 2024

  • Funding: Stipend of $6,000 + travel, lodging, and meals

  • Housing: Campus housing (pre-arranged by host)

Our former REU cohort

Please check the activities with our former REU fellows:


Louisville, Kentucky, is home to: 

1) Bourbon. We are surrounded by Bourbon distilleries. We can learn more about the fermentation process, grains, and plant design.

2) Derby. We are crazy about horse races. Churchill Down is by the UofL campus. You can visit Churchill down to learn about horses that won triple crowns and walk around the track.


zhihui sun.jpg

Dr. Zhihui Sun

Valerie clay.jpeg

Ms. Valerie Clay

Jason immekus.jpg

Dr. Jason Immekus


Dr. Tik



Mr. Mc


Mr. Isaac


Ms. Vicky


Ms. Ree




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