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Fundamental is a foundation of fun. Our research group makes porous materials to produce clean energy and sustainable materials for a circular economy.

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Catalytic materials for a circular economy


ARM lab develops unique materials to produce clean energy and sustainable materials from waste feedstocks with the goal to solve environmental problems and promote a circular economy. To realize this goal, we rely on our expertise in catalysis, materials science, physical chemistry, and process development.

Currently, we are using our understanding of plant polymer depolymerization to

(1) depolymerize discarded plastics

(2) produce phenolics and platform chemicals from plant biomass

(3) create electrolytes and separators in batteries (lithium and lithium-selenium batteries).

Overall, our research program is a paradigm for designing sustainable chemicals and materials to serve a more comprehensive host of societal needs with reduced environmental impact. Hence, our research lab ( is titled "Advanced Renewable Materials" or ARM for short.


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